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Monday, August 9, 2010

Using Safe Mode and Hard Reset on LG GT540

Using Safe Mode

Turn off you phone and reboot. While your phone is powering  back on , press and hold the Home key during Android log is displayed. your phone will bott all the way to the main screen  and display "safe mode " in lower left corner.

**For Google Nexus One: Restart phone and press 'Track Ball' Button for about 4 sec when Cross Mark icon is displayed.

Reboot phone for normal operations.

Using Hard Reset(factory reset)

If it in any case to restore to the original condition, use hard reset to initialise the target.

When your phone turns on and the lock screen displays, press and hold  the volume up+home key+Search keys all at the same time for about 5 sec. when the pop up screen is shown , choose OK  to reset the phone.

Note** All data and applications on the target(phone) will be erased and cannot be reversed.


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  2. i have a problem, when the logo comes on, it shines about times, then freezes, what should i do>