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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

how to use fastboot on Ubuntu

1.Download fastboot from here

OR you could the one from the android sources at location ~/eclair/out/host/linux-x86/obj/EXECUTABLES/fastboot_intermediates/fastboot
2.Move it sdk "tools" folder and enable root permissions
3.Make sure you add vendor id to the file and set a+rx permissions and reboot(more details on setting vendor id is here )
4.Reboot in fastboot mode(each individual hardware has it own keyspress to boot into bootloader) then connect USB cable and issue below command

$./fastboot devices
??????? fastboot

quick usage

$./fastboot -w
$./fastboot erase system
$./fastboot flash system system.img
$./fastboot flash boot boot.img
$./fastboot reboot

Tested on LG GT540

Note: No idea why it shows ???? indeed vendorid is povided already.

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